Site Ownership


The Cemetery Manager must be consulted to obtain a list of monument companies in good standing with the cemetery and a Monument Installation Request Form prior to contracting with a monument company.  If a monument is to be acquired from a company not included on the list, a $500.00 security deposit will be required when the application is submitted.  The completed form must be submitted to, and approved by Union Cemetery Manager, and all cemetery account(s) must be paid in full prior to installation.  Monuments must be placed on the burial sites in a location determined and approved by the Cemetery Management and must meet the size, design, and material standards established by the Cemetery Management.  The $500.00 deposit, if  applicable, will be refunded after the Cemetery Manager agrees that the installation is completed correctly.

A monument for a single burial site may not exceed thirty-two (32) inches in length. Monuments for two or three contiguous sites may not exceed fifty-six (56) inches or seventy-two (72) inches in length, respectively.  Maximum monument width is twenty (20) inches, and maximum monument height is forty-two (42) inches. All new foot-stones and grave markers \, other than headstones, must be flush with the​ ground.

​The Union Cemetery Association assumes no responsibility for items placed on burial sites. Perpetual care is limited to the upkeep of the cemetery grounds only.

Temporary/portable items such as holiday flower arrangements and/or decorations are to be placed close to the headstone to assure a uniform appearance throughout the cemetery. These types of decorations do not include physically altering the appearance of a cemetery site.  Decorations in this category will remain on the site for approximately thirty (30) days following the holiday and will then be removed by the Cemetery Management if not previously retrieved by the person who placed them on the site.  At other times of the year the cemetery will conduct regular cleanups of old, deteriorating, or excessive decorations.

    Revised:  12/16/18

General Cemetery Rules:

     ​Cemetery Sit Decorations/Landscaping

Definition of Ownership:  Site Owner receives a Certificate of Ownership that entitles interment rite for plot(s); however land continues to remain the property of Union Cemetery.  Proof of site ownership, including payment in full for plot/services, is required before burials or transfers of site ownership are allowed. Contact the Cemetery Manager for information on transferring unused burial sites to another individual.  The Certificate of Ownership is the only proof of ownership that will be accepted.

These and other rules are subject to change at any time by the Union Cemetery Association.  If you have any questions about Cemetery Rules, please contact the Cemetery Manager.

The cemetery does not allow placing of items, including, but not limited to, planted flowers, bushes, trees, benches, flower boxes, in-ground flower vases, or any item made of glass or hazardous material such as candles, oils, alcohol, etc., on burial sites. These items will be  removed, without notice, in order to maintain a safe environment for all cemetery visitors and workers.