Care and Control of Cemetery

The Association is a non-stock, non-profit corporation, whose managing officers and board of directors are elected by the voting owners of unused burial sites.

The Association provides cemetery maintenance and care in perpetuity through use of income from cemetery sales and services and earnings from its trust fund.  Gifts and donations to the Association are accepted on behalf of Union Cemetery.

Cemetery Association

Incorporated in 1888, Union Cemetery Association of Montgomery County, Maryland, Inc., is charged with maintaining and improving Union Cemetery.

‚ÄčAssociation's Board of Trustees

Currently serving on the  Board of Trustees are: 

 Officers:  President ............. Alvin Becraft

                  Vice President ..... Larry Hairfield

                  Secretary ............. Meredith Pattie

                  Treasurer.............. Sandra Wright

Directors:  Donna S. Dwyer, Gene Krouse,

Mildred Lechlider, C. Max Blackburn,

John Russo, Michael Krouse, Carol Darrick